My Favorite Fall Makeup Look

This season I have had one particular makeup trend that I have been OBSESSED with. And that is the Dark Cranberry Eye. I have just absolutely fallen in love with that color. I think it REALLY makes blue and green eyes pop which is probably why I'm so obsessed with it.  My go to when creating this look is always the same. A really deep matte cranberry on the lid smoked out with a burnt orange and a pop of sparkle on the inner corner.  I always pair this bold eye look with a nude lip and strong highlighter.  The above look was created by the lovely and talented Naomi Cormack (who's Instagram I've linked) in Inglot. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and being very very particular and she created it perfectly for me! All products used were of course Inglot and there were honestly too many to list or remember. It's the kind of look that as long as you have the shades and the pigment, anyone can create it. 
 I recreated the look at home myself using the NYX Beauty Sch…

Ultimate Cruelty Free and Vegan Christmas Wishlist 2017

Christmas shopping can already be difficult enough but it becomes so much more complicated when you're a cruelty free and vegan shopper! Whether or not the product is for me, I refuse to endorse products that torture innocent animals. I am very fortunate to have an understanding boyfriend and friends and family who will do their research before buying anything for me.

To clarify, being a vegan shopper means I don't buy anything made from fur, leather, suede or any animal products. Some great websites such as Asos make life so much easier by giving you a filter for 'non-leather.' For other websites, it's just about being diligent and relying on a good product description. It's pretty difficult being a vegan shopper when you're a self confessed designer brand lover but I promise you if you do the research, you'll find something!

Obviously, if you've been following my blog, being a cruelty free shopper means I do not buy from skincare and makeup brand…

Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

It has been a week since the launch of the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar and it's been quite a week!!! 'Tis the season to treat your loved ones but we all get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas working extra hours, planning the perfect gifts and just getting ready in general! It's important we remind ourselves that we need a little TLC and it's okay to treat ourselves!! What better way than with a Beauty Advent Calendar!!! Gone are the days of opening the little cardboard door and seeing what shape little chocolate you got. It's the 21st century and we have certainly upped our advent calendar game!! 
Imagine coming home from a long day of work or college, you got drenched in the rain, missed your bus, forgot your lunch and your phone died. It totally wasn't your day. But imagine how much better your day would be if you came home to a nice little treat whether it be skincare or beauty related!! You could give yourself a face mask or g…